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If you need to contact me and the issue isn't a bug on one of the projects, please do so by email , else, please file a ticket for the corresponding project.

Dead Projects

If a project of mine states that the development has stopped, then, it has. They're still shown here for historic purposes and you're free to keep developing it. If you present a good reason, I'll re-open the project for you to manage it here.

Latest projects

  • vim (2012-12-06 02:49)
  • I18NToolBox (2012-09-19 17:53)

    Development stopped on this project. Only kept for historical reasons

  • ST-PySide (2012-04-08 14:42)

    Simple package that adds some reusable helper classes to PySide.

  • Mini2440 (2011-12-28 16:21)

    This project holds OpenEmbedded layer relative to the Mini2440 ARM based machine.

  • Qt Layer (2011-12-28 16:20)

    This project holds Qt related, namely PySide